Every body is unique

and so are our feet

Have you ever recognised a friend from a distance, based solely on the posture and gait? Everybody is different and so are the ways we stand, move and walk. Needless to say, our feet are as unique as the rest of us.


Our shoes shape our feet

and vice versa

You know from own experience that buying shoes is not always easy – you need to find a pair that’s just right for you. Narrow slat and wide feet do not make good companions, nor the other way around. Buying  shoes without trying them on is a hard work, trial-and-error because every brand has its own standard shape, enumeration and fit.


Heels have an effect

on the way we stand and move

Heels change more than just our self-esteem. They re-distribute the weight and mess up the balance. Take a look at Heelosophy’s sensor pictures and the difference between bare feet and high heels.  When we are wearing heels, the weight and pressure is on the ball of the foot making it more difficult to keep balance. The toes get their share of the load.

bare feet
The pressure is spread evenly under the sole. Notice how your own two feet can look completely different!
high heels
The majority of the pressure lays on the ball of the foot. There is no contact along the arches and toes need to step in to share the load.

Our posture changes

and the core takes the hit

When barefoot, our arches are in their natural position supported by muscles and joints. When wearing heels, we stand on our toes, making it more difficult to keep balance and support the arches. Our bodies start compensating the deficit to keep us standing which means some muscles need to work harder than usual – that’s how injuries happen. This is why we need to support the arches when wearing heels.


Heelosophy insoles support your feet

reducing the pain and adding balance

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