29 Apr

What’s Up In The Shoe World

Did you know that the scale of global shoe production allows every single soul on Earth to have 3 pairs of shoes a year? Or, can you guess, which nation in Europe loves (and thus, buys) shoes more than others? After going through pages of statistics and market research, here is what we have discovered about the shoe business going on around the world.

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16 Apr

The 6 Circles Of Hell

Building a company like Heelosophy that has roots in so many different disciplines and industries is extremely exciting and rewarding, but can sometimes also lead us to a despair. Probably someone else out there is struggling with the exact same subjects as we do, so we decided to bring it forward – after all, a shared problem is half a problem less, as we like to say in Estonia (“jagatud mure on pool muret”). Here is the doom and tears of a multi-disciplinary (or any, really) technology startup.

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09 Apr

7 Must-haves

“Women can never have too many shoes and men will never understand why” – Susan Gale

Here at Heelosphy we’re sure that all of the shoes we own serve a unique purpose – we rely on them for more than just walking around. Here are seven pairs of shoes that are the must-have essentials in your closet before you move to the nice-to-have shoe selection.

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