14 May

Up-and-Coming Shoe Designers, Part 2

“You must obviously understand that, when a woman comes to see you, it’s not to buy a simple pump. She wants something specific, something like a sculpture, something that stands out.” – Alessandra Lanvin, Aperlai

Here’s the second part of up-and-coming shoe designs we just love…


Former fashion headhunter, now shoe designer Alessandra Lanvin has definitely made a name for herself with her couture footwear line, Aperlai, which she launched in 2009. Named for an ancient town along the Lycian coast of Southern Turkey, the brand is most notable for its signature Geisha Heel, which embraces strong lines and geometric shapes.

Images via Instagram @aperlaiparis

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Bionda Castana

A perfect balance between British cool and Italian chic aesthetic owes much to the blended background of its founders, Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman, who are both half-Italian, born and raised in London. They are putting loads of effort into research and design accessories every given moment while studying business.

The design duo bonded over the shared creative aspirations but began their careers in the worlds of banking and marketing. Identifying a niche in the market for shoes that were feminine without being girly and stand out without being gimmicky, the girls established luxury shoe label Bionda Castana – a name meaning Blonde Brunette in Italian, as opposite – and yet perfect together – as they are.

Images via Instagram @biondacastana

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Chiara Ferragni

The Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, of The Blonde Salad, has turned designer with her own line of high-impact footwear. Chiara Ferragni takes inspiration from travels, music, pop culture and contemporary art for a collection that combines feminine elements with modern silhouettes. The brand is a successful mix of iconic elements and contemporary design.

Images via Instagram @chiareferragnicollection

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