15 Jul

A Day At The Museum

Shoe fanatics have definitely heard it by now, but there’s a new exhibition in town! And it’s all about shoes – the most bizarre, the most expensive, the most extreme and the most painful. Since Heelosophy is currently present in London, we found visiting the exhibition to be our duty, to say the least. What we found at ‘Shoes: Pleasure and Pain’ well exceeded the expectations.

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06 May

Up-And-Coming Shoe Designers, Part 1

Shoe trends are constantly evolving, but fashion scene is still often dominated by familiar brand names. It’s not easy for the new(ish) designers to find their way to the top with the gorgeous footwear created. However, a good bunch of up-and-coming names are about to step into the spotlight. Here are some exciting, though less familiar, shoe designers we’ve got our eyes on.

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29 Apr

What’s Up In The Shoe World

Did you know that the scale of global shoe production allows every single soul on Earth to have 3 pairs of shoes a year? Or, can you guess, which nation in Europe loves (and thus, buys) shoes more than others? After going through pages of statistics and market research, here is what we have discovered about the shoe business going on around the world.

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