06 Jul

The Heel Wearing Guide

So many beautiful shoes and so many ways to go wrong with them… Be it tired, sore feet or blisters, many of the issues can be avoided with a bit of preparation. Here are Heelosophy’s favourite tips and tricks on how to wear you high heels better.


The Blister Situation


  • Make sure your feet are dry when going out for a longer stroll. This means wearing weather-appropriate shoes as well as avoiding spoiling yourself with a spa-session only minutes before going for a walk. Experience speaking here, ladies – never, ever, ever use a foot cream right before wearing your stilettos on bare feet!
  • With a hot weather like here in London recently, you might want to carry a small bottle of baby powder with you. When feet are getting sweaty, just powder them – dries the sweat, keeps odor levels low and avoids shoes getting all sticky and rubbing your gentle skin off.
  • Wearing socks or tights is always a good way to steer away from blisters.
  • Bought a new pair of shoes? Take an hour or two of quality time at home and wear them in a couple of days before. You can use this time to match them to your outfits – so when you need to go out on a date, you already know what looks best with these shoes. Who knows, you might get two compliments this time – one for your shoes and the other for your outfit.

For an emergency, a lady always keeps a blister stick or plasters in her purse.


The Sore Feet Situation

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  • Feet hurt? Exercising prevents pain by making the tiny little muscles of the sole of your feet stronger. Although it might not help you today, in the long run, strong muscles help you keep the posture and fight tired feet. Jogging is good, but strength exercises are even better.
  • Remember to also focus on the flexibility – tennis ball yoga is just perfect for this! It helps to increase the flexibility both in muscles and in joints, plus works as a soothing self-massage. Yoga has never been this easy – just take a ball and roll it under your feet while watching TV or sitting behind the computer. And since we like this routine so much, we have prepared a video tutorial to help get you going. Stay tuned for the release!
  • If you have problems with flat feet or pronation (check your worn-out shoes – are the soles worn all the way or is the inner or outer side taken most of the toll?), supportive insoles or orthoses keep your feet in the correct position so they tire less.

If all else fails, keep flats in your bag. Some brilliant people have designed roll-up flats which don’t even take much room.

Now go and enjoy a lovely walk in your favourite shoes!