06 May

Up-And-Coming Shoe Designers, Part 1

Shoe trends are constantly evolving, but fashion scene is still often dominated by familiar brand names. It’s not easy for the new(ish) designers to find their way to the top with the gorgeous footwear created. However, a good bunch of up-and-coming names are about to step into the spotlight. Here are some exciting, though less familiar, shoe designers we’ve got our eyes on.

Aleksander Siradekian

Aleksander Siradekian has graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts in Georgia and sees himself as an all-round designer with a unique creative vision. Designer strove to emphasize the beauty of the female foot and adorn it with gracious lines, not forgetting the comfort and convenience at the same time.

Loved by Russian fashionistas and called ‘the Russian Louboutin’, Aleksander has gained recognition outside his home country. His shoes can be purchased in Paris, London, Florence and other major cities. Even though the brand is relatively new and small it is well known in the social media stratosphere.

Images via Instagram @aleksandersiradekian

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Aminah Abdul Jillil

Born and raised in Alaska, Aminah Abdul Jillil began her career as a professional dancer in Los Angeles while working on shoe designs in her living room – cutting and pasting materials together. Eventually, she took some of her homemade prototypes to a sample maker in LA. Those samples were developed into her first collection in 2012 and the brand has flourished considerably since then.

Images via Instagram @aminahabduljillil

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Anouki Areshidze is 24 years old, Tbilisi-born designer. After studying fashion design, styling and consulting in world’s leading universities such as Istituto Marangoni and Accademia del Lusso, Anouki decided that it was time to realize her ideas about designing clothes, and got back to her native country. The name ANOUKI simply comes from the first name of the designer.

Images via Instagram @anouki_brand